The awards below are given to members in recognition of artistic achievement and excellence at the society’s public exhibitions.

The Margaret Newman-Smith Award

Award for best portrait.

Silver-plated Rose Bowl.

Engraved: Front, ‘The Margaret Newman-Smith Award’, Back, ‘Lichfield Society of Artists’.

Dimensions: Height 10 cms, diameter 12.5 cms.

The Sibyl Clark Award

Award for sculpture.

Metal Grecian Horse on wooden base. Engraved: ‘The Sibyl Clark Award for Sculpture’.

Dimensions: Height 28 cms inc base, Base 18 cms X 8 cms.

The John Sanders Award

Award for ‘best in show’.

An original wood engraving and print produced by John Sanders, MBE (1917-2003), Past President of The Lichfield Society of Artists.

Dimensions: Height 20 cms, Base 13.5 cms X 19 cms.

The Eilidh Barnardo Award

Award for accomplishment in drawing.

Ceramic sculpture on wooden base.

Engraved ‘Eilidh Barnardo 1913 -1994’.
Dimensions: Height 29 cms, Base 17 cms X 16 cms.

The Dorothy Godfrey Award

Award recipient selected by Godfrey family.

Silver-plated salver. Engraved ‘The Dorothy Godfrey Award’.

Dimensions: 25.5 cms X 25.5 cms.

The Daphne Gick Award

Award for artwork depicting animals or wildlife.

An original framed textile. Engraved brass plaque, height ??cms, width ?? cms.

The Armour-Brown Painting Award

Award for ‘best in show’.

Hallmarked silver plaque in wooden frame.
Engraved: ‘Lichfield Society of Artists. For outstanding colour, drawing, composition & content.’

Dimensions: Plaque, height 20 cms, width 14 cms. Frame, height 31 cms, width 24.5 cms.

The Dorothy Godfrey Cup

Awarded by adjucating guest artist for best artwork displayed at annual Christmas Party.

Small silver-plated cup with plastic base. Total height 15 cms.

Engraved: ‘Lichfield Society of Artists. Presented by Dorothy Godfrey, Sheriff’s Lady 1975-6’.