Online media articles about LSOA

Click on the links below to view articles about the Society on the Lichfield Mercury website.


Lichfield Mercury, 21 March 2015: ‘Lichfield Society of Artists is holding its Spring Exhibition at the library.’

Lichfield Mercury, 31 May 2014: ‘President of Lichfield Society of Artists Royston Evans steps down.’

Lichfield Mercury, 10 March 2014: ‘Lichfield Society of Artists prepares for stunning spring exhibition.

Lichfield Mercury, 6 April 2014: ‘Society of Artists holds spring exhibition at city’s library gallery.’

Lichfield Mercury, 2 January 2014: ‘Lichfield Society of Artists November meeting.’

Lichfield Mercury, 3 October 2013: ‘Lichfield Society of Artists puts work on show in autumn exhibition.