50th Anniversary, 1945-1995

The founding and early years of the development of the Lichfield Society of Artists are documented in a brochure that was produced in 1995 to commemorate its 50th Anniversary (cover page illustrated on the left).

Additional material in the archives that may be of interest to current society members as well as to local historians is currently being reviewed. The results will be made available on this website in due course. So, watch this space!

Eilidh Armour-Brown (Barnardo), 1911 – 1994

The society’s 50th Anniversary booklet (see above) bears a dedication on its opening page to Eilidh Armour-Brown who sadly died one year before its publication and ‘without whose enthusiasm and generosity of spirit’ it ‘would not have been started, let alone finished.’

Eilidh was a chairman, treasurer and vice president of our society and a founder member of the former Lichfield Arts centre. Fans of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ will be interested to know that she was also the great niece of Dr Thomas Barnardo.

The photographic portrait of Eilidh to the left gives a sense of her impressive determination and forceful personality. The energy she put into progressing the society’s activities over a number of years were instrumental in helping it to maintain its artistic standards and ensure its success in difficult times.

Eilidh was a highly accomplished artist in her own right and the painting by her (below left) with the title ‘Joyful meeting’ has been hung at the society’s public exhibitions since her death in her memory. In order to avoid further wear and tear that unavoidably threatens to damage this signed and framed oil painting from being ‘on the road’ for so many years, it has been decided to safeguard it in the society’s archives and instead publish this digital image of her painting on our website. We believe this is the best way to honour her achievements and preserve the memory of her great service to the society.

Some of Eilidh’s paintings are in public collections, including Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford. Others can be found on various internet websites and on Facebook (click on links below)

Eilidh Armour-Brown

Eilidh Barnardo 1911 – 1994.